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The sound quality of Audirvana 3.5 is outstanding, although the metadata based interface is a real pain to use, which involves too much time and effort to modify the metadata, when many attempts at modifications produce no satisfactory results.

If a light version of the program providing the audio engine with direct access from files on a hardisk, USB etc, rather than the metadata based interface was available, the program would be a real winner, even at the price for the current program.

I have tried the program several times since the earliest versions but every time the amount of annoying errors in including CDs in the Library, was a major issue for what could be a premier product.

Hi jjthorn, can you be a little bit more specific about the pain involved and annoying errors.

As far as I know as an audirvana user and many others similar solutions (roon, Lumin App, Asset UPnP),
here are the complaints I have about the interface

  • Unable to manage several composers for a song
  • No support for ‘WORK’, ‘MOVEMENT NAME’ and ‘MOVEMENT NUMBER’, itunes classical tags.
  • Unable to browse by composer / composition
  • Some erratic performance issues when browsing by artists from the remote.

Roon is by far the best interface I have used , particularly for the live radio and classical music management but I also had to spend some expensive time to update the tags of my files in order to have roon correctly interpreting them.

I have stopped using Roon mainly for the SQ difference with Audirvana.

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Thank you for your prompt reply to my post.

I have been using the trial program for a few days, having created an Audirvana file containing Composers CD flac files, with each Composer file containing individual files e.g. Symphonies, Chamber Music, Disc Sets etc. on a portable drive.

I have then loaded one at a time from the portable drive, through the “1st Method Monitored Folders” panel, various Symphonies, Chamber Music files for a composer and then modified the metadata as required.

My Local Library Tracks settings are:- Criteria: 1 Composer, 2 Disk Number, 3 Album Title – Local Library Albums settings are: - Criteria: 1 Composer, 2 Album Total, which works ok with some metadata modifications.

I was surprised that some CDs in CD sets did not even have the composers name in the metadata.

I have decided to persevere with the program, although I have approximately 3,000 CDs to process into the program.

After completing a secession of entering CD Flac music files into the 1st Method Monitored Folders panel and modifying the metadata, how can I make a copy of the programs data file containing all the modifications I have made to the metadata?

I would need to change the metadata for several hundred flac file CDs so it would be critical to be able to have backup copies of all of my metadata modifications after completing each secession of metadata modifications.

I am using the Audirvana trial program on my 2012 MacBook Pro, but will be purchasing a Windows 10 computer in about a months time, to which I will probably transfer Audirvana.

The metadata you edit in Audirvana are saved directly in your file, they are not stored in a database.

for safety, I have all my audio files on a Synology NAS, and backup (with hyperbackup) on a separate disk.

hence, I can restore any album if, by mistake, I alterate my tags or even loose my files.

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Meta-data handling is catastrophic in Audirvana (like we discussed on the other thread). I’m doing like you and once I finish editing an album’s metadata (in my favorite editor) I create a backup that I can restore in case something goes wrong.

I backup all my files to Time Machine on my Mac Book Pro, I assume I would be able to reload the backups if the data stored in the program was corrupted.

Are there any other better backup programs for a Mac and Windows, as I may relocate the program on to a windows computer in the near future if I decide to purchase it, or just purchase the Windows version?

I assume I would not be able to transfer the Albums metadata from MAC version of the program to a Windows version of the program.

The meta data are saved in the music file, so they will follow

Have been using Audirvana for about a week of the trial and can not gain access to the program as the License Key form appears and I can not continue with the trial.

I was getting two entries for a single music track, one flac and one cue and just deleted the cue entries.

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