Library and symlinks


I wonder how people organize their music folders to avoid duplicate entries in library.

For me Author Folder -> Album subfolders seem quite natural.

However if same album has several authors it seems straightforward to put album in subfolder under author-1 and create symbolic link to that album under author-2.

That’s the way I store them in my NAS storage.

The problem is that when Audirvana scans library it results duplicated entries. To my understanding the fix could be to tell library scanner to ignore symlinks. Or maybe there’s some other solution? Strangely I could not find any post here with similar problem…



That’s one of the reasons many of us keep asking Damien to modify the library to enable browsing and viewing by folder view (your filing structure), which enables very simple solution to this type of problem, which often happens with duplicate copies of an album, even though they may be different resolutions or masterings.

The same with music that at the moment Audirvana somehow fails to show at all, either complete albums, or often parts of albums, even if the metadata appears perfect.

And for anyone with music having less than perfect metadata, which is surprisingly common, the same solution would save the time and hassle of trying to correct across whole collections.

Thank you for your reply Cantha,

Player without file browsing sounds ( :stuck_out_tongue: ) a bit weird indeed, especially for users like myself who come from Linux+moc player world.

Yes, its just simple and intuitive, and lends itelf to simple filing - get something new, put it (the album folder ) in the rightbplace, creating an appropriate artist folder if a new artist, and that’s it. The same concept as any normal filing system, or physical record/cd library or shop. Doesn’t take time, and different versions don’t get jumbled up, you can divide into genres if you want, or any other categorisation or subdivision, entirely up to the individual, and you can go and move, duplicate, delete, amend folderrvname etc easily and without ill effect.

Yesterday had to rescan my library.

Was pleased to find out that audirvana no longer scans symlinks into the library - hence no duplicates there.

Wonder whether it’s a fix or a bug :slight_smile: Or maybe its the result of changing my NAS share mount from AFP to NFS?