Library Broken on Import

I started with Audirvana Plus and upgraded to Audirvana when it was released. Since then I have been using Audirvana (currently using 3.5.50 (3580)) with no issues. I downloaded the 1.0.3 trial and the Library is completely broken after import. Albums and Tracks are empty and Artist is showing composer.

I fixed this issue by deleting Application Support / Audirvana folder and the preference files.

However in Artist view when clicking on some artists no albums show. But if you look at Albums by Album Artist the albums for that artist show. I tried resyncing the library with no change.

You are on a Mac? I didn’t have that problem, but if you want to delete all Audirvãna data, browse all Library folders. There is at least another one in the “Saved Application State” and in the “WebKit” folder. Restart the computer before you re-install the app.
To make sure that it is or is not the app, add a new user account and install Audirvãna there. If it works, something’s twisted with your original user account. To solve this, you might add a new admin user account and copy all your data to that and after you made sure that everything is in the new account, delete the old user account. You might need to re-install some programs though.

Good luck!

Looks like I have been stuck with the same problems.
Albums and singles are not registered and they have nothing specials as they are registered by other products. Looks like a bug but the Audirvana is expensive and not a new product.

Yes I am on macOS Mojave, There was no “Saved Application State” in the “WebKit” folder.

I did run Maintenance application and had it clean out all Application Save states and it still didn’t fit the issue.

I’ve also found that folder sync doesn’t always update when files change in the folder. Also on some albums in Artist view it’s taking the composer name instead of the artist name. I’m able to fix this by editing the artist name.

Just made a check Plexamp found 3580 albums, audirvana 3028.
30980 Singles for plexamp, 25522 for Aurdirvana.

I am flabbergasted!!!

this is more serious than I though and yet Audirvana is very expensive!

Unfortunately this sort of stuff seems to be standard operating procedure for any Audirvana release. Welcome to the beta test team😉

Free trial and tribulation’s

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What do you mean by standard procedure? I am not a registered user.
But I still don’t understand the software does not offer streaming and yet failed to register the basic steps. Yet it seems very competent at decoding.

SOP meaning that bug’s are to be expected, enjoy your trial. @Antoine will back on duty next week and will hopefully be able to sort out your issues

The “WebKit” folder and the “Saved Application State” folders are in the “Library” folder of your local account.

But as I wrote: to be save that it is not your operation system that causes the trouble create a new user account on your Mac, install the app there and see how it performs.

If you don’t know how to set up a new user account on a Mac, please look it up on the internet. I did, but Apple decided to not let me view the according pages in English, so I couldn’t send you the link.

I know where those folders were and didn’t think I needed to spell out the full path. I even checked all the extended file attributes on all the files and folders in the library to make sure there was nothing weird there. So no need to create another user.

The issue I’m having is a bug(s) the software.