Library confusion

Hi all,
first thanks for the awesome SQ of this software!
Would it be mediocre, hmm, I wouldn’t mind spending hours to troubleshoot … ;-).
Not fluent in Linux I am.

RPI 4/4 with Raspian. VNC from Win10 pc. Or Putty.
Audirvana Sudio (and Origin before to test side by side)

I have run into a unsolvable (for me) problem:
How to delete and rebuild the library?

I have 4 enries for every song I had once on an usb device. The device isn’t anymore connected to my RPI. No way to clean the library.
Setting/local does show me a folder that doesnt’t exist:
media/xxx/folder - can’t be deleted with the offline button (error msg)
I have deinstalled - reinstalled audirvana, to no avail.

Next step to my little knowledge would be to rebuild the SD card and start from the scratch, however, can’t believe a library program doesn’t allow to reset the database ?

Any help welcomed thx Tom

Database is here:


Stop the service and delete the database:


Mille merci @vdatanet !
Worked like a charm :wink: