Library faillures and missing browse posibillity

When you have both for instance a dsd version and a 24 bit version of the same album Audirvana murge these together in the same library folder. You then see as examole track 1. Live. And track 2. Als live … the first as dsd the second als 24 bit
So when you play this labraryitem you you twice the same music, this is very messy and totally unwanted

Furthermore i still miss the browse possibility, ihave updated everytime but that thing is not been present ever

And in the search mode you cannot manage the metadata wat would be very helpfull because then you dont have to run through your entire laibtary to find the item you want to edit.

In a earlier blog i mentioned the very bad “reading” f directories, maps and submaps.

Some of us are desperately hoping that in v3 Damien will finally implement browsing by file/directory/folder structure, which would help with this problem as well as when metadata is missing or incorrect. Otherwise I think it is the end of the line for me, despite the fantastic sound quality it is an absolute pain to use sometimes, having to browse in Finder then copy and paste into A+ library, which when running the Mac headless controlling from an iPad via VNC is fiddly, and limits playing music to computer-savvy people.

Same for me
When these problems of correct reading and synchronizing all my music directories are not solved in an very short time i go back to my (free) mediaplayer and stop using Audirvana