Library files will not play

All music files transferred from Apple Music to Audirvana will not play. They all appear in the Audirvana library but when I click on play a message appears saying it has stopped. This also happens when I load specific songs into a playlist. What am I doing wrong?

Which output device did you select?

Hello @randy,

Can you send me a copy of the “Debug Info”? You can get it in Audirvana Settings>General>Debug Info

Note: By clicking on the Debug Info button, Audirvana automatically copies all its content, all you have to do is paste it in response to this message

The output is correctly set to my DAC. I think the issue is with Mac Music. It only keeps the newly loaded music about three days then it removes the music and only keeps the song titles, artists, etc. but not the music. Any ideas?

Ditch Music and let Audirvana manage your library.

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