Library Migration Taking Forever

Hi-New to the forum. I searched this topic and could not find the right info. Running a 2010 Mac Mini (Audirvana 3.5.46) as a server and was recently prompted to migrate my library-I did so yesterday and it still says “loading…”. This has gone on for some 18 hrs or so. I cannot play tracks in the meantime and it seems I am in limbo. There is no progress bar. My question is: Do I wait this inconvenience out (very happy I did not do this a few days ago before I had folks over for listening)? or is there a way to stop the process and refresh w/o going through this again. I have all my music backed up in iTunes and on sep HD.
Thanks in advance!

That does not sound right. Usually a progress bar at to indicating analysis of files.

What I would do is start again and add the various folders of music (if that is how you have organised your music files).

See attached indicating my folders of music.
Screen Shot 2021-08-14 at 4.29.14 pm

Thanks for the reply-I just wound up re-installing Audirvāna and all seems ok.

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Good. It’s like the old “turn-off-turn-on” trick.

I am also having trouble with a never ending load of the library,
So far
I have used Terminal commands to locate issues when syncing, and as a result have removed all cue files
I have deleted the database and relaunched
I have signed out and signed in again
deleted the app and reinstalled
The software is the latest version
what am I missing?
Admittedly my library is large 11065 albums
so far studio has imported 10977
any advice welcome