Library Network - Mac Catalina

Because the super company Apple has just changed the SMB protocol with Catalaina, I can no longer access my router without an FTP program. And thus also not on my library. And I can’t find a way to enter the path manually.
Unfortunately I don’t know much about the terminal :frowning:
Audirvana team… Please update software :wink:

Any possibility?

Hello @Mischu, the issue you describe is related to your NAS and it’s not related to Audirvana. Which NAS are you using?

Hello Damien3,

The problem is the access to the network drive. It’s on a Fritzbox Cable 6951, which doesn’t support SMB3. Apple introduced that with Catalina. But I hadn’t thought of that before. So I’m very annoyed with Apple. To many problems with that company !!!

Here is also AVM partially to blame for still using a very old SMB implementation that is considered insecure. Not much you can do here other than attaching the external drive directly to the Mac.

You might want to consider a cheap NAS as alternative to sharing files through the Fritzbox.

That’s the way i like
Welcome to 2020 :wink:


So, i have installed a “Labor” Version with SMB3 support. But it does’t work. Also, the Fritz.NAS is not shown in the Apple finder. I get crazy with all that f****d things