Library Size Limitations

I’ve tried to load my folders that are located on my NAS, and have not been able to see my entire library. Are there limitations on the number of sub folders within a root with AS? I have sub folders that contain several thousand albums, each located within a sub folder.

I have over 14,000 albums, and have only been able to load access about 6,000 albums.



Hello @ttwong ,

There is not library size limitation in Audirvana. Can you send us a screenshot of Studio while it is opened?

My watched folders:

Album view of loaded music:

Can you send us one of the missing track that is not displayed in Studio at

For some unknown reason, today after booting up my computer and restarting of SA, another 800 or so albums have been loaded. I tried moving a music file not previously loading into my local drive and it has now been loaded, so at least for that file, its not because of corruption or filetype, but perhaps related to path name on the NAS?

With the 1.5.7 update we made some changes for file path name detection with special character so you may had the update when you restarted AS.