Library still includes deleted files

Audirvana on Windows 10. Numerous library folders are on a mapped NAS drive. I initially linked to the entire mapped drive, but now link to all of the individual music folders on the mapped drive because the drive includes a recycle bin that Audirvana does not ignore.

I often upgrade albums from mp3 to FLAC or from FLAC to hi res. When I do this, I add the new files to a directory that is to be monitored and delete the original files from my NAS.

The new files don’t autoimport to the library, so I run all three database maintenance tasks about once per day. The maintenance finds the new files but it doesn’t delete the old ones.

I only have had Audirvana for about a week but the activity is repeatable.

How do I avoid having both original and deleted versions in the database?

I think I have solved this. I exited the application and allowed it to scan on restart. Took forever with a large collection, but the deleted files no longer seem to be a part of the database.

Hello @MikeRubin, what is the NAS your are using?

Hello @Antoine. It’s a Synology Ds218+, 8 tb WD Red, RAID 1.

If the issue occur again you can try to re-index your music folder:

  1. Go to Control Panel > Indexing Service > Media Indexing

Thanks, Damien. As I pointed out above, I run all three maintenance routines, including indexing, almost daily. The re-indexing did not make a difference. I will just continue to exit and restart every so often.

Also, is it possible to sort the “recently added” playlist by date added? I don’t enjoy digging through a long list to find the new things.

Thank you for your help.

It’s possible, you need to add the column date added to your view (you need to right click on a column header like Title:

After doing this you need to click on Date Added column header to change the order.

Thank you, Damien! I appreciate the information.

Damien, I can do that with the PC app. How can I set up the iOS and Android remotes to allow me to do the same thing? I do 90% of my listening with the remote apps, on both iOS and Android devices.

This is not possible with the Remote app for the moment. We are working to improve this in a future update of Audirvana.

I really do look forward to that.

Bonjour Damien,
Intéressant, mais je ne vois pas ce long déroulant de choix. Seulement ce qui est déjà en place avec un check.

Moi je suis en Mac… tu dois vraiment faire un côté droit sur l’espace des titres…

si tu passes ta souris près de la fin de chaque colonne, elles peuvent être déplacées de gauche à droite comme tu veux… et si tu en prends une par le titre tu peux la déplacer devant ou après une autre colonne :wink:

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Avez-vous fait un clique droit sur l’entête de colonne?

Oui. J’ai essayé chaque colonne. Idem. Pas de long choix. Juste les noms déjà activés avec un check.
WIN 10

Pouvez-vous faire une capture d’écran?


SORRY. MY bad. I was in TIDAL. It works in my own library.

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