Library sync issue: varying albums not displayed in two A installations

Hello, Recently purchased Audirvana. Love the product so far, but need help on the following:

The issue I encounter is that the A installations display a different number of albums from the same library. In other words, albums go missing on one installation and other albums are missed on the other. No overlap; the number of albums missed is different across the two A installations.

The set up I have is as follows:

· Installed are two copies of A. Latest version of A as of the time of writing this. License key purchased and activated

· One installation is on an iMac, used for adding music files and editing metadata etc as I add to and build up the music library

· The other installation runs on an Mac Mini and does the work when actually listening to music

· Music files are all on a Synology NAS.

· When setting up the A installation, I have created a single directory on the NAS for the Library database file path (i.e. where the AudirvanaPlusDatabaseV2.sqlite file is). So both installations point towards that directory / file.

As said, here is the discrepancy. The Mac Mini installation currently displays 1,145 albums, whereas, from the same library on the NAS, the iMac installation finds currently 1,134 albums. Strangely, the Mac Mini installation misses some albums that the iMac installation of A does find and the other way around.

Perhaps it was a bad idea to have both installation point at the same (xxx directory) on the NAs and I should have left this to the respective HDD of the iMac and Mac Mini???

Looking for advice from this community on:

  1. what could be the cause?
  2. what are the steps to correct this?

Before changing anything and make things worse, I’d rather look some good advice first. Sorry, I am not a tech-guy.


Hello @Hugo, did you made some change in the metadata of the 11 albums not displayed on your iMac?

Hi @Antoine, thanks for coming back!

I have purchased the license key of A about two weeks ago and started moving my music files to the NAS and building the music library from 0 to c.1,100+ albums now. After moving, say, 20 albums, I launched A to see how these albums were loaded and did the metadata editing where needed.

All in all, I have edited the meta data for a quite lot of albums. There are for example a lot of double albums in my collection that I do not want to be displayed as two albums. Also added album cover art etc. The usual.

The music files not loaded; probably most were metadata edited, but I believe not all. The metadata editing was only done in Audirvana (no 3rd party app) as this works very well.

I also note that a changing meta data on one installation of A is not always saved / loaded when I close this installation of A and launch A on the other installation of A.



I think you have to check the integrity of the files not turning up in Audirvana. Download the programs “Audio File Health Check” and “Yale” and follow the instructions of locating and fixing file errors. ( You download Yale from within AFHC.) Two very useful programs. You locate files with errors with AFHC and fix them in Yale. Sometimes you have to run the list of errors several times through Yale to fix them.

This helped me very much. I found a lot of files that showed up in iTunes but were missing in Audirvana. It seems like A is a lot more finicky about file errors than iTunes.

Hope this will help you too!

(This message is a copy from another thread.)