Library synching forever and over and over


This is my first PC.

Setup is a Lenovo PC
Windows 10
Local files stored in Onedrive (onedrive is not the issue cause I tried another location yesterday)

And my problem is this.

I set everyting up in the library so that Monitored folders and Library Database file path match. All the albums show in the library and I can play all of them. But the program won’t stop synching and this is going on forever. Then it stops for a few seconds or minutes and then starts again. Everytime the “synching music” message shows up it will cause the whole screen to be a little jumpy (can’t find a better word for it) as if the pictures of al my covers blink like every second or so. It’s just behaving in a way that don’t seem normal to me.

Any advice for me? I’m in my 30 days of trial and if I can’t fix this it’s a dealbreaker for sure.

It could depend on One Drive folder synchronization, One Drive folder is continuously synchronized with the one in the cloud. You could try to temporarily disable the synchronization shutting down the One Drive process

My library, for example, is on external drives I unmount when not in use and when I mount them Audirvana start the folder synchronization, but it lasts few minutes.
It happens too if I browse the folders with the finder (I am on Mac) and Audirvana is active

I tried it again today and now I moved the onedrive music folder to my desktop, then set up everyting in Audirvana. Now it works perfectly. Only downside is that I am running out of storage so Audirvana not being compatible with Onedrive is a big minus for me.

You could keep your “master” library on One Drive and keep it synchronized with an external hd which can became the Audirvana library

Hello @Fralle, I have plenty of file from my library that are stored in OneDrive and never experienced your issue. What folder path did you select in Audirvana?