Library transfer

Currently using Audirvana + 3.2.2. If I upgrade to Audirvana 3.5 how do I transfer my
current library from 3.2.2 to 3.5? Over the years I’ve customized my library and do not want to do that all over again.

Hello @Vrac,

You have nothing to do, you just need to uninstall Audirvana 3.2 and install 3.5 and Audirvana will use your 3.2 library.

Does this method also work for Audirvana 3.2.2 to Audirvana Studio? Also can I do this without deleting the older version in case I prefer it to Studio?

On my MacBook Air I had already installed the latest version of 3.5 before installing Studio.

Studio imported 3.5’s library without a problem here. And both programs work as they should.

Not sure about 3.2 as I don’t have that version.

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