Library update not complete Win10

Hi Damien. Just updated 2 folders on my main audio drive, only updated the album art cover using the file edit ID Tag command. Made sure only one album art is there, and the one I want (folder.jpg).
Result : the change of album art is visible in Google Play Music (updated from my main audio drive), but not in Audirvana (same drive, sames files) : no album art visible, which is what I precisely tried to correct in the first place… I have over 50 000 files and quite a few folders missing art work in Audirvana, so I do NOT want to have to remove these album folders, rescan, recopy the folders, rescan etc !
Best, didier

In fact the update is OK on the Win10 version, but NOT ON THE MAC OSX 3.x version .
So problem with that OSX version. Best