Library vanished, can't reload

Apologies if this is addressed elsewhere or if I am posting in the wrong category.

I purchased Audirvana in February. I’m running it on an old iMac, using High Sierra 10.13.6. I keep my music library on an external hard drive. The program has worked brilliantly and sounded fantastic.

I recently updated to 3.5.46. Some time later, I had some strange issues waking from sleep. I’m not sure if that is related to my problem or not.

Here is the actual problem: Audirvana does not display any of my music. The external hard drive with all the files is mounted and runs fine. I can open individual FLAC files, and they play fine. But I can’t make tracks show up in Audirvana.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

Hello @Mikem77,

Have you tried to remove the folder you synced with Audirvana and add them again?

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