Library view, can't restore Album Artist Track info

Hello Audirvana

I turn off all columns of my library and I try to turn them on again, but no luck? Now I have no songs info at all, but songs are all there. Click on three dots button the song appear in Item Selected Tag on right side of Audirvana UI.

How to restore?


Gasper Loborec

Hello @tonsektor, do you mean you can’t select a collum to view like this?

Yes Damien3, turn all of them of, and you will get to my problem. It seems no way back. I did restart app, no luck :frowning: Uninstall and install, hmm… probably it will work.


Hello again

Repair app didn’t work, but Reset app did. But now it is scanning Library again.

To get to this options, you have to go to Settings/Apps&features/Audirvana/Advanced options

But I believe it is a bug for developers to fix.

Thanks for involve in to problem

Cheers, Gasper!

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All back

Can you remove your database and open Audirvana again?

You can find it here: Screenshot 2020-03-23 at 09.09.42