Library view resolution gets messed up

Apologies if this is not in the correct category.
When I start Audirvana and browse my library everything looks ok and the screen layout is fine (Entire screen capture in full screen mode)

After I start to play an album from my library everything is still ok but each time the track changes to the next one, the entire screen seems to be redrawn (this is the first annoying thing) and at one point, sometimes at the first track change sometimes after a few, the resolution of the view changes and part of my library is now off my screen to the right with no scrollbar. I’m not able the see the right side and there is no way to get there.
From this point, it never changes back to the correct view unless I go out of full screen mode or restart Audirvana. It happens in normal screen mode as well. This is how it looks like: (Entire screen capture in normal screen mode)

I hope I’m not the only one with this issue and hope there will be a fix coming soon for this. (This is happening ever since V3)

btw. running on the latest MacOS