Library with age old problem of duplicate tracks

This has probably been covered before, but i have the age old problem with (in the tracks section of the library) 2 of the same track instead of just one on the player as well as the remote. [The albums aren’t duplicated however in the library]

I probably don’t have a full understanding of the filters, track options, etc.

My needs are very, very simple. All i want is to have a library in alphabetical order by artist (just like an individual would have with a bunch of physical CDs or LPs in a rack. I want to have only the tracks on each CD listed on Audirvana and not 2 for each single track.

Whenever i play a track, i want it to go back to where it originated and as still part of the shuffle and not somewhere outside of the main library. I play tracks randomly and skip the ones i don’t like. If the shuffle goes back to the same track by coincidence, then so be it, i’ll just forward to the next in the shuffle if this happens. There are so many tracks in the collection that playing it again, in the same listening session, seems unlikely. But like i said, if it does, then so be it. I’ll just skip it if i need to OR i may want to hear it again…What i don’t want are any unavailable tracks, whether i’ve played them already or not. There are around 12 or 1300 CDs stored so there are many thousands of tracks.

I want to keep the library the same as if it were a physical library, with no adding or subtracting of tracks, etc. If i could get help with the settings just to keep everything the same all the time, it would be of great help. The options on the remote, to me, aren’t easily distinguishable.

Also, just one more thing. I operate the system headlessly and by wifi (the wifi speakers (2) left/right have built in 24/96 converters). Once i can tell what is going on when i start a session, I unplug everything from the computer except the power cord. The ethernet cable goes away too after i have checked for updates. Only the power cable to the mac mini remains and i use the Audirvana App for remote control to see the library and make selections. Sometimes i just sit the iPhone on the charger and let it play all tracks randomly (like when taking a bath or goofing off).
The point i want to make in this last paragraph is: Is it possible to update Audirvana with just the remote without having to first wire things up at the computer (to see it on a monitor, I use my TV). This late version mac mini is for music only, no printing, no browsing, no mail, etc. All tracks are 16/44.1
Thank You,
P.S. Can you help me simplify the settings per the above needs (or lack of needs). Again, I want it to be just like playing physical CDs on a rack. #3 request. Sorry. I also wish i could immediately go from one track to the next. There is latency when requesting a different track. It takes a while for the next track to start. That could be because of the sheer number of tracks. If so, it’s ok.
I’ve experimented with the amount of RAM to dedicate to preload, without success with speeding up the time from one track to a different request. I have 32GB of RAM to play with. I hope i’ve provided enough info to be able to get all the settings established once and for all.
Thanks again.
I am in edit mode after re-reading this from yesterday. It sounds blunt. I don’t mean for it to sound that way. Pardon me if it does. Let love rule. I am the one who does not understand the options fully.