License activation requested each time I restart PC

I own two licenses one for mac osx and one for windows which I bought recently.

On the windows pc audirvana asks me to re-enter the license number each time I restart the PC and launch audirvana.

How can I fix it ?


still having this problem !
Audirvana staff you say that you prefer clients use this forum for support but after 10 days I have no reply from you !

Hello @Alberto_Cavara,

I can see in our database your MacOs license key but can’t find you Windows 10, can you give us the order reference of your Windows 10 license of Audirvana?

Order confirmation #25037021

28 Apr 2021


Does it ask you on your Windows 10 computer or your MacOS?

It asks on the windows 10 PC

Still the problem is not solved !
Audirvana keeps on asking me to re enter the license key
This is so annoying !!!
Could you please solve it !!!
Shake up customer service !!!

I still have the same problem and no reply from you !
How can you have a so poor customer service ?

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