License and device management – an open message to the developers and the community

Hello, I’m a new user, I purchased Audirvana Origin a couple of months ago. I LOVE it!

I’d like to better understand why your license model will only allow 1 computer at a time.

With all the due respect, I would like to mention a few considerations:

  • A lot of people have a fixed computer and a laptop, and these are usually personal devices, they are not shared with anyone else. So you should not be concerned about multiple users.
  • Many companies, for example Adobe in their Creative Cloud subscription, allow 2 machines for simultaneous use for the same license. This allows a “fair use” of the software, with no additional frustration for the end user.
  • It’s 2023, many people use “smart working” solutions, working in offices, sometimes at home, sometimes in other places. Audirvana is clearly not for the beginner user. Instead it’s more tailored for advanced users, as you can keep your library in NAS devices and so on. So maybe in the morning one is working at home and can use Audirvana on the fixed computer. But in the afternoon he could go to a coworking space, and simply connect to his home NAS with a private VPN solution (e.g. Wireguard or Tailscale).
  • Even at home, someone could have a need to easily switch to two different setups.
  • It’s really frustrating that you need to deactivate/activate each time on 2 computers. Yes, there is the automatic disconnecting option in the app, but it’s only solving half of the problem: you still have to manually login in the second machine each time. In my example above, I would have to do it at least 2 times each day. Also considering, the login window is not a native window in the app but it’s a webpage inside a window, and when I use password managers such as 1Password to fill the fields each time, well it doesn’t work so great.

As a final consideration, if the problem is about the simultaneous use, you could easily control it.

Just allow 1 playback at any given moment on any device, but please let’s keep the 2 licenses always working on the 2 devices.

There’s no added value to do the opposite, it’s only a frustration for the end user.

So from your side you will have the guarantee that no one would exploit the license in a bad way by using it for more than 1 playback. And from the user side, well, it will be just so much easier to enjoy Audirvana!

Even if this is only about a limited percentage of your users, I think it would be a nice move as developers to listen to your user base needs.

I sent this message to the support team as well, as I’m not sure what is the best way to communicate with the developers.
Looking forward to a fruitful discussion and I hope the Audirvana team will really consider 2 active licenses with only 1 active playback.


Hi @bradipo,

Thanks for your feedback on the subject of connectivity of the software.

Looking at your post, from the perspective of a new user, is always good in therms of direct feedback to us and we value it a lot.

The connection of the software as been talked on the forum and I get what you mean about the constant disconnection/reconnexion. Making changes on this side like allowing user with the same local network to be connected or checking if there is only one playback with the software playing etc… is really time consuming for us but we keep this in mind for the future.

However, I will pass the feedback to the team and we will discuss on this :wink:

Rather interested in this. Currently have my music on the web through Airsonic-Advanced, but that relies on the internal upsampling of my portable DAC. I think upsampling with Audirvāna and “broadcasting” via VPN might be an improvement. Have you personally tried anything like this (successfully)?

Do you have found some time to discuss this topic? Any news?

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This has been put on our wall of ideas of improvements but I can’t guarantee when/if it will be done at some point given we have to make decision on what we want to focus on for the development of the app.

Thanks for the feedback. It’s good to hear that the Audirvana team has lots of ideas for features and improvements - I’m very excited about the upcoming versions!