License Issue with A+ 3

I upgraded to, and installed Audirvana 3+ on two computers per the license. I have not attempted to run it on more than one computer at a time. However, early this week I started receiving the following message whenever I attempt to run Audirvana 3 on either computer:

“Too Many Installs
There are too many installs for your license. Uninstall Audirvana Plus on one of your computers before trying again.”

I can’t access the menu to unauthorized the computers because Audirvana Plus 3.0.6 will not fully start up. It only issues the message I referenced above. This is the case on both computers. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the program on both computers, and it does not fix the problem.

I tried contacting Avangate, the payment administrator Audirvana uses, and the only responses I get are auto-generated, irrelevant messages.

So now I have a program for which I have paid, and for which I have obtained a license code, that does not run. I dislike having to bring up this issue on the forum, but there seems to be no way toward a solution. I begin to wonder if someone else has received the same license code as me. I have been using Audirvana+ since early versions of 1 and have never had significant problems until this time.

Damien, please help me get this product functioning again.

There were 3 computers (macbook pro, mac mini, and macbook air) on which the installation was attempted.
I’ve removed all from the license database so you can now activate again up to 2 of them.

Thank you, Damien.

Hello Damien,
Same for me, can you please remove all from the licence database? I can’t use Audirvana on any of my computers.

Can you send me an email with your licence key so I can find you easily in the license database?

Hi Damien,

I do have exactly the same issue, is it possible to remove all from the licence database too ? Cause I can’t use Audirvana any more :frowning:
Thanks a lot.

Dear Damien,

I have also a problem like this, which means that although just installing Audirvana Plus 3 on 2 macs but it says “Too Many Installs. There are too many installs for your license. Uninstall Audirvana Plus on one of your computers before trying again."

This problem is not for the first time, this problem has occured to me sereral times since Audirvana Plus 3 has been released.

Except for me, many users are troubled with this licence problem like in this post.

So I’d like to suggest Damien to improve the license system for this kind of trouble never to occur or introduce system that users side can remove registered license information from licence database.

I strongly wish licence registering trouble never occurs from now on.

Oddly I had this issue on a MBP but AFAIK I had only installed Audirvana 3 on this device - once on the internal SSD running El Capitan, the other on a USB connected Samsung SSD, naturally only one boot drive can be active at a time.

I upgraded from Audirvana 2 which is on a Mac Pro though not used recently - could that be why?

Also if one has upgraded from 2 to 3 does that mean we should no longer use version 2 as version 3 has replaced it or are we entitled to use both?

Hi Damien,
Same issue here. Moved to a new Mac and don’t have access to the application on the old one, as its hard drive has been completely re-formatted.
Can you please support with license reset?

You can use only version 3 after you have upgraded.

Before uninstalling Audirvana Plus, to free the activated license, you have to use the “De-authorize this computer” command of the Audirvana Plus menu.
I can reset your activated licences. For this, send me an email with your license key.

Hi Damien,

I have the same issue as svp4net. How can I sent you my license key to be reset?



Dear Sir,

Bottom Line: Please reset my license key.

Discussion: I have two Macintosh computers, a laptop (primary) and a MacMini (backup drives). My laptop crashed catastrophically and I replaced it with a new MacBook Pro 13 (USB-C). I migrated a backup copy of the contents of my old laptop and have tried unsuccessfully tried to activate Audirvana on the new laptop. When inserting the existing key, I am told that I have too many installs.

Please recommend a solution.

Very Respectfully,


Hi! I have exactly the same issue. My MacBook Pro crashed, and I want to transfer my license to a new iMac.
I sent an email to support and got a reply saying that they may not work today. Hopefully I’ll hear from them tomorrow.
But if any of you have a solution, please share.

Thank you,



Thanks for resetting the database! New laptop works wonderfully.

Very Respectfully,


I have this massage : There are too many installs for your license.

Uninstall Audirvana on one of your computers before trying again.
aftrer I copied my HD and try to play audirvana ,
please tell what I have to do
Thank you

Dear Damien,

I’ve just joined this forum to contact you but can’t see your email address anywhere.

I have the too many installs problem. I wiped my Mac Mini and sold it. Then I installed Audirvana on a Macbook Air and deleted it before I returned the Macbook Air to the seller. Now I have a Macbook (one computer only) and have installed Audirvana but can’t use it because of the too many installs problem. Please help me.

Best regards,