License purchase

I bought the Audirvana ® software, but they never sent me a license key or an order number. There is no information on how to contact them on their website. What kind of company doesn’t include contact information on their website??? Now I’m going to have to dispute the charge with my credit card company. Ugh!

Hello @Veganeyes, i can see your purchase in our database. I can also see that you didn’t put properly your mail address since you put at the end.
We will make the change on our database and send you your license by mail since you also send us a mail.

Please also guide me about the buying procedure.!
I couldn’t find the where on the website.

Hello @safir, all you have to do is going here:

Then when you click on purcahse you’ll have to put your mail address and select your payment processing. After that you’ll receive a mail with your license key and your invoice.

And a new question,
Do you accept the prepaid cards like mint and the other ones.?


We accept Visa, Mastercards and Paypal for the payment.

Yes, my mistake. Sorry for the confusion!