License to be renewed

Hi all,i had i licence for Audioirvana for my windows system.
I swap to macbook pro and for a wile there wasn’t problem about licence.
Now i have to renew my licence annually for 48,98€ for the first years then 69,99.
Wasn’t my license always valid?
I was told yes.
Thanks giovanni.


Which Audirvana version are you talking about? If it’s Audirvana Studio then yes, that one has to be renewed yearly.

3.5’s license doesn’t expire.

Audioirvana studio,but i’m not sure it’s was the old one I had.
It more than 2 years it works with no problems, maybe any update?
I have checked and i had a 3.5 licence payed, but now i see in the mac :Audirvana Studio…?
Witch different between the 2?
Thanks giovanni.

It seems there’s only Studio now,isn’t it?

Studio or Origin.

Origin is pay once, but it’s basically Studio while only be able to play local files. So no streaming Qobuz or Tidal, Radio stations or podcasts.


Studio has not been out for two years, only coming up on one year. Origin is brand new.

Contact @Antoine at about your license for 3.5 and he can reset it for you.

Thanks a lot,i wrote.

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