Lifetime license for the latest version of Audirvana

I assume the lifetime license for the latest version of Audirvana means for version 3.nn only? So once version 4 is available one needs to buy a lifetime license for that version?

Just a comment: “Lifetime” should not be used lightly, as a software license term it should imply infinite upgrades regardless of any versioning scheme, for the original customer. Anything less is just a license for version x.

I couldn’t agree more and it is why I’m asking the question. The way it is written by audirvana on the site is unclear and alludes to it being a version “lifetime license” which to me implies that I can keep the current version (perhaps up to 3.99999999) for the lifetime of 3.x.

Think there is an discount on purchasing 4 when it arrives.

It better be an extremely steep discount… I thought that my purchase of v3.3 was just the start of my lifetime license, not the start of me making yearly purchases!