Lifetime license for the latest version of Audirvana

I assume the lifetime license for the latest version of Audirvana means for version 3.nn only? So once version 4 is available one needs to buy a lifetime license for that version?

Just a comment: “Lifetime” should not be used lightly, as a software license term it should imply infinite upgrades regardless of any versioning scheme, for the original customer. Anything less is just a license for version x.

I couldn’t agree more and it is why I’m asking the question. The way it is written by audirvana on the site is unclear and alludes to it being a version “lifetime license” which to me implies that I can keep the current version (perhaps up to 3.99999999) for the lifetime of 3.x.

Think there is an discount on purchasing 4 when it arrives.

It better be an extremely steep discount… I thought that my purchase of v3.3 was just the start of my lifetime license, not the start of me making yearly purchases!

Based on what I saw in another thread, you’ll have to buy an “upgrade” license when a new version comes out. If you buy the lifetime license for version 3.5, your license is only good for the lifetime of version 3.5.

So, the term “lifetime license” is VERY misleading.

You don’t have to buy the upgrade, the license you have can still be used without a limit of time. It’s jsut that we will not make further update on the old version. It’s true that the term lifetime license is very misleading, the proper term should be “lifetime access”.

If so, this is not a lifetime license for buyer who no need to pay for any future version upgrade, but just a Lifetime Access to the version what you buy. Is my understanding correct?

You are right, this is a lifetime access license.

Life time as long as the licenseserver is active?

As long as our company lives you will be able to access to Audirvana.

If so, does this mean that user will not be able to access the version he bought a regular license for once Audirvana releases a new version?

We have users that still use old version of Audirvana and they still can use it so don’t worry, you still have access to old version even if we release a new version.

Thanks for your explanation. I am in trial period and very happy with Audirvana+ sound quality, but was confused by unclear license definition. Now, I know I no need to worry about anything, just go ahead to buy one once trial end. Thanks.

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