Lifetime license?

I am currently using JRiver & wonder what the Audirvana “Lifetime License” means. Are all future updates free? As you may know, JRiver charges for upgrades when there are any major changes in the software. That means that at least every year they have a new version that is not free. My main beef with this is when, as in my case, a bug is fixed in the new premium ver. & no further development will be done on the old ver. I am hoping that Audirvana is different??

Sorry to disappoint you but the license is for the software version’s lifetime, not your lifetime.

This is standard practice with paid-for programs, whether audio playback, word processing, accounting, games, audio/video/photo editing, whatever.

I don’t think I have any paid-for programs that will give me every new version for ever. Major new updates always require a new payment, though often (as is the case with Audirvana) with a discount compared to starting from scratch.

If it helps you with your buying decision, many of us think that Audirvana is well worth the money if sound quality is what’s most important.
But you can try it free, of course, and make up your own mind. :slight_smile:


Thanks, Just clarifying. I will try it when I have time to spend auditioning it. Thanks for the feedback.

You’re very welcome, Kev.
I’d recommend getting your system sorted before starting your Audirvana trial (with any streaming trials as appropriate) beforehand, to ensure that you are able to fully benefit from the whole month’s free appraisal, including ironing out any potential system teething troubles.

My guess is that you’ll be as happy as I am. :slightly_smiling_face: