I would like to know if it is possible to buy a lifetime license for Audirvāna Studio like Roon has



Always wondered what companies think to achieve with this (doesn’t seem the most viable business model in my book) and also what on earth consumers hope to get from this. You just know that sooner or later better options will become available, especially in this field.

Only reason I can think of from a business pov is that they do this to generate a better cash flow in the short term.

Consumer wise I know it may be cheaper if you stick around long enough, but it bever happened for me.
For example, I started with Spotify in 2012 and realized that Qobuz offered a better SQ so I switched in 2018.
Then wanted a more complete experience. So started with Roon, tried JRiver, and ended up with Audirvãna because of the better SQ, and on top of that a better price than Roon.

Pretty well possible there will be a day (even in the near future) that there is going to be an option that will surpass Audirvãna in quality and price.

Mind you, I wish Audirvãna all the best, and as long as it’s the best option for me I will stick around. But my money and ears are my own, and so I get to choose the best solution for those ears. And therefore I won’t buy lifetime options.


Think this is more of a consumer demand than the companies preferring it. With a monthly/annual subscription model companies have a predictable income stream on which they plan to manage overheads and development allocations (and make a profit) to ensure continued growth into the future.

The one time payment option is not so appealing for developers. One influx of cash and then nothing into the future until the next major software release (and the hope that users will upgrade) making managing the business difficult. It’s why the majority of software developers have switched to subscription models.

For the users the idea of a one off payment and then they can use the software, as is, indefinitely is attractive. Especially as the audiophile community has a rather grey tinge to its demographic and managing expenses during retirement is often a concern.

From my viewpoint, whilst finding a lifetime payment attractive, I am happier to see the company receive a predictable revenue stream so that I can benefit from the long term development of the software into the future. Listening to music gives me more pleasure than most things in life…,…having audiophile quality playback solutions which continue to improve and develop over time is key to that enjoyment!!


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