Limited Listing of Playlist

Hello Audirvana and Community Forum,

I’ve added several playlists but when I try to add an album to an established playlist, the right-click drop down from Audirvana does not list them all. This is most inconvenient. Also, it would be very useful to have a drag-and-drop function so that I can drag an album or song and simply drop it onto the playlist title on the left side. I appreciate you considering this problem. (I use Audirvana on a Windows laptop)

Yours truly,

David Sinha

Hello @Superkumar, are you sure that you didn’t create a smartplaylist? to be sure about it you just need to right click on the name of your playlist, if you see “Edit Smart playlist” that mean you created a smartplaylist. They don’t work like manual playlist, it is created with criteria you decide.