Limited number of editable fields

It would be a great improvement if AS could be used as a genuine metadata editor. The number of editable fields currently is ridiculously small.

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As well a central area where ALL fields can be edited AND a really straightforward, central area to sort. Drives me crazy to try and find an album I want without viewing radio, Quobuz etc. Where I want to look would be a great sort choice.

Beware what you wish for.

Audirvana has run some users mad with the way it rewrites all metadata of the track to its own standard, for the sake of the edition of one single metadata field.

For example, they had tracks with several composers losing all but the first composer.
If you wish a powerful tag editor, especially for batch editing, there are much better and safer choices on the market than relying on Audirvana.

Before you edit any track metadata in Audirvana, make sure you have a safe supply of tracks backup.

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You want to use a buggy program like Studio as your metadata editor? You are brave!

All files backed up. The more music files I gather the more I consider a double copy.

I’ve never had a problem editing metadata in AUDIRVĀNA STUDIO. It’s true I don’t add fields in AUDIRVĀNA STUDIO. I use what’s there and use the notes for material I can’t add. Each track has (usually) one composer. Each track as various artists, orchestras, bands and so on. Soloists in extended view is frustrating but where comma-separated values are entered in artist track album view that can be accessed in extended view.

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Haven’t checked out the tag editor yet, because I’ve used JRiver in the past. And I’ve used that program to do all the tagging.

And I have 3 copies of my music collection. One on each of my laptops, Mac and Windows, both running AS. And an unaltered backup on a hard disk that’s not connected to any computer.

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