Linking to Cocktail X10 Media Server


My music library is stored on a Cocktail X10 Media server. I can play these I can search and play my WAV files on the Windows 10 PC that hosts Audirvana. I can see the X10 and albums in Audirvana but I cannot add the X10 as a Library nor can I play tracks.

Suggestions welcome


Check if the media server can expose the files using file sharing protocol. Like SMB/CIFS or something.

Are you able to add it as a network drive in Windows 10?


Thank you for quick response and apologies for my delay, I replied to email instead of via forum. I looked at settings and have gone through the manual. No ref to SMB/CIFS. The only thing I did change was enable Samba server. Made no difference. Also Audirvana can’t connect to my NAS (Buffalo Link Station)

Damian, Thank you for replying. Windows can see Cocktail X10 in Windows Explorer under “This PC”


Can you give us the exact path of the folder you want to synchronize with Audirvana?

Hi Damian

Thank you

I don’t have a path, although the NAS ans Cocktail do have MAC addresses. I have icluded 1 screenshot of what PC sees - I can then click on album etc to select and play music in Windows. The ipad 2 pictures ! are what Audirvana sees. The crucial thing is the OK button remains greyed out.

Rgds Alan

JIMG-0309Cocktail X10 Server 2|666x500

Your cocktail is link as media server, it needs to be mapped as a network drive ( it needs a letter like C: or D: can you do it and try again?

Hi Damien

Apologies for delay in reply but I still haven’t found a way to map the server as a drive. When you go via “this pc” the browse option does not include the media server as an option. I still haven’t found any other alternative routes.


Have you tried this?

Hi Damien

Yes I have. The problem is that I can’t identify the server path and it is not available in the drop down menu. The best I can do is identify the MAC address but that doesn’t work.

I don’t know how your device work so maybe the easiest way would be to contact Coktail about it and ask them directly.


Thank you. I’ve not had a reply to my email so will try phoning them(cocktail). If I get a reply I think is worthwhile I will post it.