Links & Shortcuts missing in some places

I have been pleasantly enjoying Audirvana for a couple of months, i’m very happy with the quality as part of a system with Zen Stream & a Benchmark DAC2 & large Genelec monitors.

The obvious GUI issues and occasional hangs are not a serious problem for me; I understand the Software is developed by a limited sized team and obviously development is ongoing.

A few things concerning the GUI (Graphic User Interface - for newbies!) (absence of links & information etc:)

-No links in “Mini player” for artist & composer & release etc.

-No ‘waveform display’ option in mini-player.

-No indication of file statistics (sample rate & bit depth) shown in mini-player.

-No ‘right-click’ - “play next”(& other useful options) link in initial search window results. (in fact no ‘right-click’ options at all in this window).

-No consistently available option (sometimes there, often not!) ‘right-click’ option to add a track (from play queue window) to a QuoBuz playlist, i usually have to ‘ironically’ go to mini-player to do this.

-I would like to see the ‘year of release’ somehow in the ‘albums of artist’ view. - like they do with movies on the internet. (Probably like others, i am often doing research on bands and want to listen to albums in a certain time period etc.)

Many Thanks

I made a mistake - this was intended for the “suggestions” thread, maybe someone can move it?

Hi @enjoythemusic1,

You put it in the right place, those things can improve the software. Are you using macOS or Windows?

windows 10