Linn majik dsm 3 shown as UPNP device but not playing

Are there any known issues with the lastest versions of Audirvana on OSX ?
Audirvana was working perfectly, haven’t used it for a while, when starting it requested an update to the latest version.
Now I can see the Linn device, but when I select play either from tidal or NAS filesystem it looks like he’s caching and the “playing” button appears but no sound. I also noticed in the past Linn software volume was in sync with Audirvana, this is also not the case anymore.

I can stream to the same player with the Linn application from the same Mac, but whatever I do I can’t get Audirvana to play something on the majik.

Any help highly appreciated

there was another DMS_“some-mac-address” shown in the list of available devices I had ignored previously. Now I selected that one, Audirvana crashed. afterwards I can stream again to the Majik.

Problem solved, if someone from the Audirvana team had an explanation I would appreciate :wink:

This looks like your Linn is advertising as several devices, one being the right one?
Or do you have some other UPnP device or software running on your network?