Linux StartasService HELP

**Hi folks, **

No luck with the StartasService SH script in my various Linux distros.

I type “sudo” in Terminal to enable root privilege, then drag across the SH script and press enter. It then shows:

Usage: /opt/audirvana/origin/ {enable|disable|start|stop|status} [username]
enable: install audirvanaOrigin service and enable it for autostart at system boot

  •     if username is specified, the service will run as this user, otherwise the user audirvana will be created and used*

disable: remove audirvanaOrigin service
start: start audirvanaOrigin service
stop: stop audirvanaOrigin service
status: show audirvanaOrigin service status

Now what?! Please someone help!

Many thanks, G

In the terminal go to the folder /opt/audirvana/origin
In there, type ./ enable followed by enter to have it autostart after reboot
Then type ./ start followed by enter to actually start it now.

snake@snake-H81M-DS2:~$ cd /
snake@snake-H81M-DS2:/$ /opt/audirvana/origin
bash: /opt/audirvana/origin: Is a directory
snake@snake-H81M-DS2:/$ ./ enable
bash: ./ No such file or directory

To go to the origin folder, type
cd /opt/audirvana/origin
You forgot cd


Aha! It worked.

I really appreciate your help thanks very much.