Load more Qobuz albums per page in Favourite screen

In Qobuz’s “Favourites” screen, it only loads very few items per page. I have to scroll over and over again to view all my albums.

The worst part is if I navigate to another page I have to scroll all over again.

Hello @kaka, this navigation issue will be fixed in a future update of Audirvana.

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Thank you. It would be great if you can bring sorting too. I know it is supported via their API already.


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@Antoine I think the issue is still there in the latest version.

@Antoine It has been a while and this issue still persist, could you look into it?

Why cant we adjust the number of favourites per line as well for the library than for Qobuz ? i can only put 9 per line on Macos Big Sur and 7 on win 10… like it’s been a while we can do it on Jriver media Center !
Je ne comprends pas cet "oubli " car a priori cela me semble assez basique à implementer … et très utile quand on a un grand nombre de favoris.
Thanks alot in advance to fix this useful feature.