Loading a large library takes a long time

On one of my windows computers (core i5, 7th generation, 16GB RAM), it takes over a minute to change from Quboz Steaming to loading my large library (350,000 + tracks). Another problem is that it doesn’t load consistently – about half the time, the program stops responding.


After getting my large library to load, I tried searching. I was able to search, but when I clicked on a choice withing search (either artist or album), the machine stopped responding, and I had to close it. I tried this several times, but was not able to successfully bring up a search choice that I clicked on.


Thanks for these reports.
I’m still working on performance optimizations for both speed and RAM, to handle such huge libraries.
BTW, how much RAM was taken by Audirvana Plus when you were doing the search? And what if you try the search when viewing a small view like favorites?


Latest beta build (15.06.18 - evening) takes about 20 minutes at start up to sync a library of approx. 83,000 tracks measured by progress on syncing bar at top of display. Once complete if I ask it to play an album the program seems to hang up. This is on a PC with a 3.4 GHz Intel i5 processor and 16Mb RAM running 64bit Windows Pro (fully updated). Previous version did allow me to play albums.
Would you like me to continue testing with a smaller sub-set of my library or wait for next update?
Also the Windows version shows me as having considerably more albums than the Mac version. I believe this is due to it showing an album with two (or more) different values in the Artist field but the same AlbumArtist for each track as separate albums.
Keep up the good (but, I guess, frustrating) work.

In case it helps others in a similar situation, I am now able to play music from my large collection by using the following workaround. I filtered on Composer (for example) and although this caused the program to hang up it restarted with the filtered subset on display and functionality returned :smiley:

Correction: Experimentation (uniting album files in a single folder) suggests that the album duplication occurs when album tracks are stored in two (or more) folders - e.g. Beethoven Symphony 5 and Beethoven Symphony 7. This behaviour is unlike Mac version which shows a single album in this situation.

Hi Damien,

What is the status regarding loading and using large libraries. Still getting a lot of freezes using my large library.


Hi Bruce,

This is the topic the UI developer is now working on. He has good leads to strongly improve the performance of the tracks list view first, and then of the albums, and artists.

Except an updated build next week.


Thanks Damien.

Have a nice weekend.


I have a library of 200.000+ files and couldn’t import it into Audirvana. It would hang and freeze for hours. To fix this I had to uninstall Audirvana, clean the sql files and install all over again. I’m using Audirvana with a smaller library of only hi-res files. My setup is a Windows 10 PC with Intel quad core processor Q6600 and 6GB RAM.