Loading dsd iso slow

I try to load iso’s from NAS, but loading tracks is working very slow. It works when I convert the tracks to dsf but I want to play from original iso.

I figure out that it only loading the iso slow when it coms from network drive (NAS). Straight from pc no problems.

Extract the individual tracks. You’ll have much better experience and better tagging support. Keep the ISOs for backup.

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Thx @bitracer, I find out that connecting with AFP protocol goes faster as with SMB. Extracting dit not work for me so far. But will try it again

Unfortunately there’s a problem that Audirvana still have. Annoying for people that have lots of dsd iso in external devices.

When I am extracting files I get hiccups in audio files. That why loading the iso should work. Hiccups where cause by faulty driver from DAC. Did remove it, rebooted the system and now it works perfectly

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