Loading first track ... Error starting Device Playback

Worked great for a week. Then this morning (Christmas morning) I got the above error message and no playback. Found the album I was looking for, tried starting on PC, then on Android Remote. Saw tip about ASIO driver. I didn’t have one. Installed one. No change.
Independently of this, maybe related, when it was still working I Blue Cat Triple EQ VST3. Didn’t recognize it. Saw that, as requested, Exclusive Audio Access Mode Disabled. Tried 64 bit first, uninstalled, then 32 bit. If this is causing the problem, how do I enable Exclusive Audio Access Mode. Is this app too advanced for me? Sound is great, though, significantly better than Roon, which is why I switched. Also you show folder trees. Great program. Please work!

I’ve solved my first problem. I wish I could say I knew what did it, but I kept fooling with Settings in Output Device (which for me is PS Audio Bridge II) and DAC input, and the last time I tested whether or not it would play, it worked fine! And it worked while I was using the Wasapi driver, even though I had installed the ASIO driver (looks like I haven’t mentioned that I use Windows 10) and tried it without success.
The second problem remains. Settings Processing still does not see Blue Cat. I was led to understand that this was a processing extension that would work.
Also, while Audirvana wasn’t working I went back to Roon. Difficult to listen to in comparison with Audirvana, unless I did some upper bass boosting and upper mid cutting with their (built in) equalizer. So relaxing to be back to Audirvana. But an equalizer would be useful, for a large percentage of classical recordings (not Esoteric, for example), not so much with jazz and rock, which sound fine as is, most recordings.

you can have many free plugins in Audirvana and add most any you want too

Great! Can you suggest an equalizer that sounds great and that perhaps my Windows 10 installation of Audirvana Origin might recognize and use?

Mac user here… surely a PC user will chime in :grinning: there must be free ones too on PC side slready in the same place as my picyure

forget that someone referred me 2 other plugins free for Mac or Pc back then… mostly for bass boost I was asking, but never check them…

this is what he wrote to me then:
*Both are great, especially “SonEQ” is a sweat little EQ! For the bass and the highs it provides shelf filters. So you’d rather select 60Hz (or 100Hz)… and make sure that “Drive” on the right hand side is deactivated (otherwise the plugin will add an digital emulation of analogue pre-amp “warmth”/“saturation” … ). *

Or, if you want a linear phase EQ, there’s also Voxengo’s Marvel Graphic Equalizer:

It’s easy to set up and supposedly it’s a high quality plugin (personally I haven’t used it).

With Blue Cat not showing up in Audirvana, I installed Voxengo. I went back to Audirvana. Voxengo is not showing up, but now Blue Cat is! And it works fine. Can only think of weird anthropormorphic explanations, so will not try.