Loading SACD .iso over SMB (NAS) crashes the app

I can not load SACD .iso files from network shares (my NAS) using SMB (Apple) - MacOS 12.6.1

This is using the new Origin / 2.0 version, the same problem exists in the old 3.5 version too.

The SACD .iso will load and shows the tracks, but then it “beachballs” forever, never plays, and you have to force quit the app. It’s been the same on earlier versions of MacOS and Audirvana.

It will play from locally attached (usb/SATA/firewire) drives just fine. But it should not have an issue with SMB shares.

If I connect via the depricated AFP protocol, it will load and play, but thats a very old, outdated protocol to use and is not an option anymore. I cannot afford to have file corruption when MacOS tries to connect using both protocols, or can not read/write newer characters that AFP can’t handle.

Splitting the .iso into .DSF or .DFF files is not an option either, thats a band-aid, not a solution. That would require 2 times the storage for the same amount of .iso rips.

JRiver player will load and play the .iso files just fine over SMB with barely any preloading… but that app is the absolute worst UI in the world. Pine player will load and play .iso over SMB after it pre-loads the whole file (but Pine does not do DoP). Audirvana (any version) crashes, every time. This is the main purchase deal breaker for me.

Hello @dakindred,

Can you send us the crash report at [email protected]?


Bonjour, la taille d’un iso en dsd est trop grande par rapport au débit du port Lan, ce qui fait que l’application bloque. J’ai opté pour la solution d’un ssd 2TB sur l’ordinateur ou est installé Audirvana, le port Sata étant beaucoup plus rapide qu’un port réseau et ai découpé les Iso en Dsf, ce qui permet de diviser par 10 la taille du fichier à télécharger, car ici seul la piste est chargée et non tout l’album.