Local Albums not showing up

Even after completely synchronisation of the local library, nothing shows up on the local album interface.The Artist category is fully populated (with multiple entries of the same artist!) but nothing in the album category.Would appreciate any help!

Same here, bump it up

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Same here! Free trial about to run out and with no local albums showing and no working remote I won’t be taking the plunge at the moment. Think I’ll stick with 3.5.

Same… Based on the lack of response from tech-support here, I can make a pretty good prediction of what I’ll do after my 30 day trial.

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Perhaps if we keep bumping this thread to the top of the list, someone from tech might take notice. I have a very full list of local artists but apparently absolutely none of my 3,000 local albums and associated tracks actually exist!

Actually… got it working. From the album view I switched the filter to artist and everything showed up right away.

There is a problem with filters and sorting. By default, something is active so that nothing or not everything is visible. After some adding and changing filters and sorting settings everything is visible. Until you go to another view and back again. then everything is gone again.

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you click save for all after making choices? in sorting…

It doesn’t seem to be about the content of the filter or sorting. But the trigger that something changed. At least with the Qobuz filtering.

With the local, as I type this, everything seems to appear after about 1 minute.

CAN’T PLAY MUSIC WITHOUT SOME VISIBILITY OF LIBRARY! Like the others having issues with Album View, I have 1724 albums and can’t even listen to anything when the Album View disappears, and I have a super fast scroll on my mouse set to the slowest speed, making music selection in Tracks view impossible. This problem with blank Album View just started up on me today.


This issue really should be addressed…

Absolutely. I can navigate (poor) album view, but once I play a song, I go back to a blank album list. I have to exit the program and relaunch to play something else.

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