LOCAL database is cycling the sync task on Mac OS Sonoma (Mac Book Pro M1 Ultra)

Hello to ALL,

The problem i’m facing is weird, i added my local “Music” folder, and it syncs very fast BUT, when it finishes the synching task, it keeps cycling trying to sync some of the folders, this task (cycling) appears on the Audirvana Studio top right (on Audirvana Studio).

I ask for your support in order to overcome this problem.
I’m a very begginer user on Audirvana Studio, especially on Mac OS!

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,
Hugo Rosa

Hi Hugo. Sorry to hear you are having issues. I’ve attached a screenshot of AS on my MacBook Air M2.
Simple setup with just one volume pointing to my local files on an attached SSD. There are a number of sub-folders in that folder containing DSD Files, My CD Rips, Qobuz, Bandcamp and other purchased files.
Are you only adding from one folder or have you added numerous?
If more than one, maybe consider bringing all folders under one main folder that is your added Volume.
Have all your files been added?
Are there any non music or weird file types in your folder/s?

Other than trying that, I’m not sure what else you could try.

Hello ChiliHot,
Thank you for your answer.

I only have one folder added.
I have only music files added, no other weird files only music files.

It seems that all music files are added properly. But this sync cycle never stops on my Audirvana Studio!

I leave bellow two image files with evidence of what i’m talking about.

Best regards,
Hugo Rosa

Cheers Hugo. I wasn’t doubting you, but the details are good. It is actually telling you what file/s it is trying to sync.

Perhaps move that file/album (and any others it throws up) from your sync folder to another folder on your computer outside of Music and see if it stops. Perhaps those files may be corrupted?
And also check off the albums/tracks etc in AS Local to your Music Folder to see what has not synced.

I find an easy way to do this is by using the Folder View on your iPad if you have one as you look at your Music Folder on the MacBook.

Hello ChiliHot,
I think i found a way to stop this, by deleting ALL folders and files and leaving ONLY the music files on folders.
Very strange indeed, but it works!

Best regards,
Hugo Rosa

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