Local files get disc# messed up

When discnumber isn’t used in the ID3 tags, audirvana randomly give some tracks disc# 1 and some no disc# at all , but ordering on tracknumber is than split up in these faulty disc numbers
only when manually setting discnumber at value 01 with an id3 label manager, it sorts perfect.
is there a solution / setting in audirvana, or do i have to visit all 1000+ folders with local music to edit the discnumber manually ?

solution would be to add a role if disc# = empty then disc# = 01

thanks a lot !

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Hello @jakkes

Yes. I have this issue over-and-over. I have had to reorder many times. It’s a drag.

Also had to import various albums where the album has been split. This latter might be me altering metadata before whole album imported (I think) so I now close Audirvana, add new album to folder, open Audirvana and let it sync fefore I do anything.

First time I’ve thought the “disc#” metadata might be the issue.


Yes, altering the metadata is a workarroud, but i’dd rather have the audirvana dev. team sorting this out. does not seem too hard to handle a non vallue disc# as disc 1
futhermore it’s splendid software for the money.
jawdropping musical experience ( according friends ) on DSD files on the denafrips dac,


Keeps Yate in business for sure.

Any update on this? I’m giving Audirvana another try and this is all over my library.

I have the same issue, my files metadata are correct but in Audirvāna I rendomly find songs in the wrong order because of this disc metadata assigned by default