Local library album booklet

From iOS Remote Beta, I want see how local libraries works.

When I want see local home/genre/recently added or all other categories click and crash - run again - immediately crash again - run again - ask passcode!!! and finally manage to run Remote… this problem reappear twice during my “booklet” test…

So I restart windows Audirvana and remote, in order to eliminate any potencial crash again before test.

Select one of favorite DSD album, and I don’t have booklet(pdf) file on the folder. But it shows “Booklet” button anyway… I press it, endless waiting screen and Remote no more responding, I have to force to terminate it.

After that, windows Audirvana also does not respond and crashed. I run Audirvana again, and it lost Qobuz login info and error window shows up… and I see stream setup and Qobuz was disconnected… and I connect again. This streaming service deleted has happened only once, and It never happen again during this test…

From Windows Audirvana, this local album booklet shows without problem. It show up quickly. It is not saved on folder but I believe that Audirvana retrieve it from
Internet and integrate on program… cool feature! I test couple local albums and they all shows well. Some has single page booklet, others multiple pages booklet as well.

But only work on main, with Remote, it makes whole system unstable and crash/hang.
However, other albums booklet works nicely, just few ablums has problem, not all of my library albums…

I test couple times to click “booklet” button on Remote… on the problematic albums only, of course stream source “Description” is worked, but this “booklet” button on particular albums makes hang and crash both remote and main all the time… I don’t know, I haven’t check it from regular version of Remote, perhaps there might be a problem, too…

Tried a local album (not DSD), Jordi Savall Beethoven Symphonies 6-9. Tapped “Booklet” in iOS remote while running Audirvana on Windows, and the complete 135 page booklet showed up within a couple of seconds. I was impressed. So that’s one data point. Can you tell me some of the albums that cause problems for you?

For example, Fone label, Must have Classic Records, DSD(dsf) local album always make trouble.
But other albums e.g. 2Cellos, shows nice booklet, I have no idea where Audirvana get this data from, but very good.

I don’t have the Fone album, but I tried booklets from many of the DSD albums I have from NativeDSD and Channel Classics, plus several others (for example, the booklet from the remastered Sgt Pepper), and could not find any that didn’t work almost immediately, even the longer ones. Sorry I could not help identify the problem.

Hi @vcastceo,

Can you go to this album folder and send us the booklet at support@audirvana.com so I can try reproducing your issue?

Hi @Antoine ,
I send booklet file to support email.
It is, just normal PDF file with 2 Page length.
It shows without any problem on PC Audirvana but on Remote makes system hang…

Which version of iOS do you have on your iPad? do you have this behavior when you are in portrait mode?

iPadOS 17.3 (latest one) with iPad Mini Wifi latest version (6th generation).
Not portrait mode. Just landscape mode I use.

Latest iOS remote(beta, not 5.0) with windows Audirvana 2.7.0.
Some local library album booklet show feature cause remote hang, Audirvana crash.
Couple time tried, Audirvana permanently crashed, not even start program. Just run it, crash and stop. I have to downgrade 2.6.6, and upgrade again to 2.7.0, program run normally.
I am afraid to touch this booklet button…

On the other hand, if I use booklet show feature of main Audirvana program itself, it works without crash or hang, only remote causes this problem.
Not all booklets, some problematic albums contains only 1 page of PDF, some has multiple pages PDF. Better not use this feature on remote app until this issue fixed.
It seems some PDF data transfer routine has problem… please make it work!

Current iOS Remote 5.0 and latest Beta is different?? I got Email from Support dated Feb 9.
5.0 Remote is dated Feb 7. Which one I can use?

Please do not use the beta version, please use the live version you have on the store.

Ah, Ok, I will test booklet feature again with live version 5.0. I will post result here again today!!