Local Library only sees Artists from A-N

Hi guys, I’m currently trialling Aurdirvana, coming from Roon, and am enjoying it a lot. It’s disappointing there’s no mobile playback but, eh.
The only thing stopping me from buying is that for some reason the local scan will only pick up artists from A-N.
My music is stored on an Unraid server connected to the local network. All music is in the same folder, organised by Artist > (year) Album > tracks. I’ve tried removing the path and adding it again a couple of times, doesn’t help. I’ve also tried manually adding an artist’s folder that was missed, and nothing happens.
Can anyone help me figure out how to fix it? I’d love to buy Audirvana but I’m obviously not prepared to spend the cash when it’s not working right.
Thanks in advance!

Same result with Studio and with Origin…

Hi —
I am coming from Roon, too and didn‘t like it since the „you have to be online always feature“ with version 2, which is absurd with my local-only library.

Please have close look at the naming of your folders. Audirvana does‘nt like accentet characters or umlauts very much. I have had to rename some folder by myself in order to let Audirvana read rhem in.
Try with the folder that comes alphabetical after the last one that Audirvana detected.

Thank you for the suggestion, the always online thing isn’t ideal, I agree.
I have checked the naming of the folders, and it stops right at the end of N. The next folder is Opeth which is just plain text (I have even tried manually renaming the folder to be certain there are no hidden characters etc).
As a test, I added a bunch more artists in the A-N range and it picked them up fine.
I also tried removing the next artist from my music folder to see if that was the problem, but it still won’t scan past artists starting with N.

Fixed my problem. Thanks Holger for your comment which got me thinking about how I could investigate more. Found logs and went through it, where I found that a particular file was tripping it up.
Feedback for Audrivana - It would be good if this was more obvious… If the scan is stopped by some kind of error, there should be a notification.


Hi @BW84,

I understand your comment about the sync process and need to talk about how we can display those errors in the software. I do have some other customer saying the same things as you :wink:

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