Local mqa /hi-res files with ifi zen dac


I am new and I have a few questions.
I have many locally stored music files on my pc. Many are normal mp3 files, but also mqa (downloaded and ripped ) files.

Can I play local mqa files oder only stream such music?

Will an ifi zen dac works with audirvana and mqa and other hi-res audio files?

Many thanks in advance!

Best wishes,


You can do both, local library and streaming.

I happen to own an ifi Zen DAC, and on my side it’s perfectly recognised through USB. If you have installed the last firmware with the GTO filter, I’d recommend you to not use Audirvana’s upsampling option, as the GTO filter is already an upsampling routine for its burr brown chip. You’ll see that all files seem to be played as 32 bits, it’s normal as the DAC only allows 32 bits files, as for the bitrate, it will show your files’ bitrate but your DAC will upsample them by itself. I found out enabling upsampling from Audirvana can cause the Zen DAC to react really bad, so no need to do that :slight_smile: