Locally liked albums suddenly no longer liked after rescan of their folder

So I have 3 folders now with local files

  1. All of the albums in the last folder were “liked” so they showed up in “my music”
  2. I added one new album to that folder.
  3. I did a rescan of that folder
  4. I don’t see any of the albums anymore in “my music”
  5. When I Check local>Albums, none of the albums I liked before are liked anymore, all heart symbols are blank.
    (The tracks withing the albums that I liked before however are still liked! which is a big relief already)

So “Album likes” are forgotton, “track likes” are not.

This isn’t happening all the time, it happens randomly when I add an album and do a rescan.
I also had the app crashing from time to time after some time of usage.
It looks like there are memory leaks or serious bugs in the software.
(Not checking for null values, index out of range, accessing unallocated memory, or something like that).

I really love the sound quality of AS, and certainly like that track analyser, but these bugs in the music management part make this software quite useless.

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