Locked off my Tidal account on Audirvana Studio

I have a Tidal account. When I go to Streaming on Audirvana Studio Player and click ‘Connect’ in Tidal category I receive this failure notification “You do not have permission to view this directory or page.”

It’s a PC system.

What do I do to get connected to Tidal within my Audirvana Studio?

Thank you

Because no one else answered I will tell you what i know. I used Tidal until last month, now I’m only with Qobuz. As i saw Tidal login needs local account or launch Audirvana without admin rights, MS Edge and webview runtime. Hope this helps. Now I’m only with Qobuz because has a better sound and don’t care about tidal and his modified mqa sound, even if it’s cheaper.

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Thank you!

I did not get 100 % of what you said, but I can see it’s a bit complicated and I don’t like it. I think part of the service money we pay for Audirvana is their customisation upgrades. Even if it’s an issue created by the Tidal software. Tidal provides what it does, Audirvana takes on itself to integrate Tidal service, it should be done in 1-2 clicks.

By the way, is it normal that my PC Audirvana app requests my usename and password every time I open (launch) it? Can this be ruled out somehow?

As for Qobuz, I wanted to try it, but Qobuz is not available in my country for the time being. I tried Deezer, and the sound was close to awful.

Tidal with Audirvana is really a better solution than Deezer as sq. No, it’s not normal to input user/pass every time. It’s not so complicated, webview, edge, app installer are parts of w10. Parts that i prefer to delete but because of Audirvana i need to keep. I’m not so technical and maybe it’s not the best advice but this is what i think:

  1. Create a new user account (local, without admin rights) and see if the problem persists. If yes than

  2. (i know can be painful but…) Install an untouched version of 10 (preferable Pro, not LTSC) and if you customize it don’t touch windows update, ms store, ms edge and use local account without admin rights.

Yes, can be annoying but now I enjoy AS and his sound and i’m very happy. But I can’t recomend this software, too many dependencies. All my programs works without app installer, ms store, windows updates except Audirvana. I hope this will change. I don’t want Microsoft “sweets”. But unfortunately I need them for AS…

Thank you.

Could you suggest practical steps to creating a new user account (local, no admin)?

An off topic question, I have been having this issue for months - first with my former player (foobar), now with AS. When I run AS, youtube or other inet browsers do not work. I literally need to close the audio player to watch a video on youtube or listen to the same Tidal in Chrome browser. The same goes for the rest of the players - they do not play as long as the audio player stays launched. Looks like the audio player takes control of the audio device on the computer in the way that locks off the rest of the apps using PC’s audio engines.

Thank you in any case!

Yes that is normal for better sound…
Just click the lock on bottom right of main window, to release the dac…

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This is also called exclusive control and is very good if you want the best sound, so your audio device is not shared.

This is the link that i found. Even if it’s little outdated still works, the options are aproximately the same.

Yes, audiophile music player programs lock your sound card for exclusive use, so that other programs can not use it. This must be done for the sound quality. So it is no bug, it is completely normal. Maybe you think it is annoying, but there is no other way.

Thank you!

Now that I know why this happens and that it’s for the right reason, this is not annoying any longer.

Thank you!

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