Login To Radio's Error

Interesting error message came up today and Audirvana won’t display radios section or podcasts (not that I use them anyway, but the error message is annoying)

Error is as follows :

“Radios Link: Login error for ?appversion=2.0.0%20%2820000%29&locale=en :
{“id”:[“airable”,“error”,“system”],“message”:“Too many requests.”}”

Seems like I must log in and out of Studio too much! May just switch to Origin as I don’t stream or use the radio/podcast function anyway.

Hello @Djm1960,

this is a temporary issue from Airable, you shouldn’t have this error anymore. Can you check it out?

Apologies for the slow response but it’s past midnight here in KL. Yes it rectified itself about 20 minutes ago. Many thanks for the follow up!

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