Looking for Version 3.2.16

Good Afternoon

The new Version 3.5 (MAC) do not work proper so I am try to find the Version

Any Ideas where I can find this Version ??? - On Audirvana Page it’s just the 3.5 Version available, no older one’s

Thx for Help

Greetings from Zürich

Try this:

Why do you want to switch back to this old version?
What is your issue with Audirvana 3.5?

I am going back to the previous version as well.
Audirvana 3.5 uses much more memory, scrolling through albums in the Library interface is uneven and sometimes the album covers disappear altogether. I also prefer the cleaner, minimalist look of the older version.

MacBook Pro 2010 4GB RAM, High Sierra

returned to 3.2.16… looks better, easier to use GUI, and… I think it sounds slightly crisper where it needs to.

library dissappears here too… plus can’t resize like in 3.2.16…

Update: finished playing around with settings… sounds great, almost got the functionability sorted too.

Fine upgrade.

@reddog: Interesting. Can you please share?