Loud hum as track comes to an end

Here’s a new one, for me at least. I recently had to reinstall A+, and since I did, i’m getting a really bad, loud hum as certain tracks comes to a close - maybe the last 20-30 seconds, as the volume begins to fade. It happens whether I’m listening on headphones out of the Mac, or when it’s going through my hi-fi. The rest of the time, everything is fine… anyone else struck this? If so, what’s the fix, please?

Hi Dave,

does the playback of the Song continue or does it hang with the hum?
If it does not continue to the next song without manual Action, maybe it is same issue as discribed here:

So far there is no Fix for that because it is hard to reproduce. I’m not even sure if it is a Problem of audirvana or macOS.

Cheers Cenar