Loud Pop Thump Beware

Has anyone else experienced the following while using the remote app with the last two updates? If I select an album and begin play sometime during playback of the particular album, I decide to edit the queue by pruning the current album and then adding another track from a different album, this process can cause a catastrophic pop or thump. This has happened more than a couple times until I realized what sequence of events caused this issue. This pop thump resulted in blowing a fuse in one of my Audio Research amps.

I’ve only experienced this while streaming Tidal and pretty much stream Tidal exclusively. I’m not willIng to attempt duplicating the anomaly with local files. Playing redbook files upsampled to DSD256.

I just wanted to make others aware of this as I’d hate to have others blow more than a fuse in an amp or speaker.

Prior to the last two updates I’ve never experienced this reported issue.

You’re upsampling to DSD from Tidal? If so, this seems to be the well known DSD POP. Search a little here… I guess you are using ASIO driver? Give WASAPI a try. Maybe you will be able to upsample only to 128, but better this way than with pops blowing your fuses👿

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