Loudness dynamic range

What does the loudness dynamic range value mean?

The dynamic range (DR or DYN) is an indicator of the level of dynamics of a title.The higher the DR, the less the title hase been compressed (in short: increasing the volume of the lower sounds and saturate the audio signal to give an impression of power to the sound. But this operation reduces the dynamics). A DR value greater than 13 (13 dB) indicates a very good quality. http://www.algorithmix.com/en/news_tt.htm

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Thanks for this info, I would also like to know what the dB value after the DR Score means, the value that I have highlighted in red?

Old Audirvana documentation indicates that the application calculates dynamics according to the EBU R128 standard (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EBU_R_128) and the Dynamic Range (DR) I mentioned earlier. These are probably the two values displayed in the window.

I confirm what I was saying. This is the information written by Audirvana in the ID3 Tags of the audio file.


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Aah ok thanks for clarifying this for me👍

Most people use the simple DR number data when they talk about album sound
or if you know that database on Internet use also the DR:

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